Taking part in the Million Paws Walk is a great way to help animals in need. All animal lovers are encouraged to brush off their walking shoes, pull out their pet’s leash and bring along their ‘best friend’ to Australia’s favourite pet event.

We’re running the Million Paws Challenge for the very first time. The simple act of walking with your dog can make a huge difference to the animals who need it most. Getting people to sponsor your effort means we can continue being the voice for animals across the state. It means the specially designed programs to assist the community in caring for their animals can continue to run. It means care can be provided for animals of domestic violence victims, the homeless, the elderly and the socially isolated. The community and school education programs can also continue to promote empathy and understanding.

We receive less than two per cent of our funding from the government, relying almost entirely on the goodwill of loyal supporters and like-minded members of the community.

We believe in animals because they give so much to our lives and remind us what it's like to live humanely.