Your Impact

Together, we can fight animal cruelty.

Last year, nearly 20,000 dogs turned to the RSPCA for help.

Many were victims of cruelty, bred to turn a profit, or abandoned by the humans they loved unconditionally.

Even one dog is too many.

Each step taken at Million Paws Walk helps in our fight to bring that number down.

In fact, by raising $1,379,633 in 2023, our Million Paws Walk superheroes raised enough to care for 5,474 pups in our shelters for an entire week!

Here's how we'll do it, heroes...

  • Just $36 can help provide a dog with a warm bed, love and care for one day in our shelter.
  • $58 can help a shelter dog learn to trust again with specialised training and affection.
  • $90 can help transport injured and abused animals to get medical care.
  • $252 can help us care for a dog in one of our shelters for a whole week.
  • $1,008 can help us care for a mistreated, abused or abandoned dog in our shelters for a whole month!

What’s your superhero power?

The best thing about Million Paws Walk is that you can see your superhero powers at work. Whether you’re:

  • Funding crucial community outreach programs to educate communities about the importance of responsible pet ownership
  • Stopping the ugly roots of animal cruelty at the source
  • Helping grow and maintain our shelters

It’s YOU making it happen!

Each day brings a new challenge in our shelters, but with our powers combined, it all becomes a little bit easier.

Your fundraising efforts will make a tangible impact on all creatures, great and small.

Join us this May and become a hero for dogs in need! 👇