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My target 16 Hours

We are walking with FLOYD to fight animal cruelty this May!

This May, my pooch and I will be walking for 30 minutes a day!


To fight animal cruelty!

30,000 dogs end up at an RSPCA shelter every year. That's 82 dogs every single day.

These precious pups were victims of cruelty, bred to turn a profit, or abandoned by humans they loved unconditionally.

But by walking this May we can raise funds to ensure that these dogs have a warm bed, a full tummy and toys to play with until they find their furever homes. 

Will you suppawt my Million Paws Walk? 

My Updates

Mothers Day Walk

Sunday 9th May

Rain hasn't stopped us

Wednesday 5th May
Despite the rain & a chilly Canberra wind, we've stepped up & out for at least half an hours walk per day, admiring the beautiful autumn trees. Pawesome effort!

Got my RSPCA bandana & ready to walk

Saturday 1st May
Excited that the walking starts today... we're off..wah hoo..

Despite the odds

Sunday 25th Apr
Last year, Floyd, our now 10 year old Beaglier, was recovering from surgery to remove cancer in his anal gland.
By early May he was well enough to walk with us; to raise funds for the RSPCA and together in May we walked for 22hrs and 45mins and raised $461.00
This May, for the 10th year running and despite his terminal illness diagnosis, (we were told to say goodbye in Nov last year) we are again raising funds for RSPCA, and are committing to walk 30 minutes every day around Canberra! He's our wonder dog and surprises us daily.
Floyd, Johnny and I hope to raise much needed funds, keep our positive attitude going and ultimately want to make a difference for animals not as lucky as Floyd.

Thank you to my Sponsors


John Lawrence

You’re a star Floyd



Floyd, our dog, is walking despite terminal cancer to stand up against cruelty to animals. He's a little trooper..


Jane Primrose

Well done you three 🐕😍❤️


Cheryl Scroope

Go you good things!!!


Natalie, Michael And Oscar

We love you Floyd (and Vicky and John)! You are a truly heroic pup!


Marie Gallagher

Good luck Floyd


Melissa Gray

Go team 👏


Claire Pearce

You're a legend Floyd! (and and you too Vicky and Johnny!)


Erinn Stenhouse

Happy 10th birthday to Floyd! What a great job you've done fundraising for the RSPCA.


Graham Jones


Maggie Maloney

Go Floyd!!!


Toni Mills


Jennifer Lawrence

Enjoy your walk!


Jeanette Williams

Cheers Vicky to you and the family. 😘



Well done Floyd, Vicky and John


Jo Sommer

Well done you guys! X


Kate Stewart

I love your enthusiasm and compassion.


Angela Aisbitt

You three are amazing. Enjoy your walks xxx


Seamus Molloy

Good luck Floydy. I hope you walk a long way. Love Seamus. XXX


Christine & Nick

Happy birthday Floyd!


Ashish Vaikyl

Hey Vicky, Johnny & Floyd Thank you for being the amazing team you are and raising money for such an important cause 🙂



Sorry to hear about Floyd's illness. Wishing him all the best. Vicky, you have done a great job...


Richard And Sonia Bowrah

We, English Grandparents of Floyd (Floydy) are so proud of you and John for all the care and love you have given him. He, you and friends, enjoy this walk or walks. He is doing so well just see his glossy coat. Keep walking. Love Sonia & Richard xx woof woof. (Mum of Victoria and son-in-law John).


Catherine Furner


Jillian Maree Moses


Bernadette Odonnell

Good on you Vicky!


Arty Mcbride

So glad you are getting to do this walk for such a good cause but brilliant that you can do it with Floyd. X


Kim Moses


Emma Dyer

Well done Vicky, Johnny & Floyd - this is a great cause xx


Pleiters Plumbing

Go Floyd!



Love to all ❣


Stacey Sloan


Alli Vásquez

Amazing work guys! Floyd is lucky to have such great parents


Suzanne Fowler

I will be thinking of you all. It is such a good cause and Floyd bless him has done so well. He would not have made it this far without you and Johnny, so lots of love to you all.xx


Joanna Mcdougal


Abigail Phelan

For Floyd and the lovely cause xx


Kirsten Stafford

Hi Vicky, Johnny and Floyd! Enjoy your walking together. Great cause. Awesome effort for Floyd, what a little trooper! Kirsten


Suzanne Burt

Floyd is a star



Good on you Floyd... George would love to take a stroll with you on your million paws journey!


Joey Bokey-grant