We are taking part in the Million Paws Walk to fight animal cruelty!

At Versent, we love our animals.
We have a Slack channel for #office-dogs, #office-cats and even #office-wombats (used less that the former!).
We believe in treating everyone with respect and that includes our loved furry, scaled and feathered friends.
Many dogs are left at welfare shelters, 82 every single day on average, so we are banding together to support the RSPCA while they find their fur-ever homes.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Keit Family Dollar Match

Dollar matching our amazing donations so far


Royal Canin Matched Donation



Woof, bark etc.


Darren Furlotte

Great cause! Thank you and have a great time.


Deed Nsw Pty Ltd

Happy to walk with you.


Richard Keit



Thanks for doing this :)


Yury T

Hello Odin :)


Ray Of Sunshine


Natalia Dangelo


John Sun


Hamish Ridland

Good luck Rich!


Matt Leese


Mark Cooper

You're barking mad...nice work mate!


Hurriyet Giray

Amazing challenge for a great cause. Congrats Ricgard.