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Tony and I adopted Stella at Million Paws Walk in 2014. Before being handed into the shelter she was abandoned in an industrial area as a puppy. Stella loves MPW, she thinks it is her own personal doggo anniversary party! Together, we want to help all the other animals at RSPCA find forever homes

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  • Kerri-Ann Laurence

    Donation by Anne Nguyen-Huyen
    20 May 2018

  • Kerri-Ann Laurence

    Donation by Steph Hawkins
    19 May 2018

  • Kerri-Ann Laurence

    Donation by Heidi Loy
    04 May 2018

  • Kerri-Ann Laurence

    Donation by Mark & Jill Winn
    01 May 2018


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$ 52

Can provide a kennel, bath, treats and a toy for an abused dog

$ 75

Can help feed, worm and care for a litter of orphaned puppies

$ 132

Can help provide emergency medical care to unwell puppies

$ 350

Can help provide trained staff to educate the community on care and ethical treatment of animals.

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