Together in SA we have raised $42,704 to fight animal cruelty

Join us for Million Paws Walk in 2020!

In lieu of a public event, we’re excited to present ‘Million Paws Walk: Walk This May’ – your fun excuse to (responsibly) walk your dog and still raise money for animals in need. Think of it as your virtual Million Paws Walk!

While social distancing is a national priority, our dogs still need enrichment and exercise. As part of Million Paws Walk: Walk This May, we want you to take your dogs for a walk in your neighbourhood or backyard, log your steps on the pawdometer and keep fundraising to help us continue to fight animal cruelty. You can share your step-count with friends and family and encourage them to get involved too!

The next few months are going to be difficult for everyone but with your help, we’re going to do everything we can to keep our inspectors on the road and our animals safe and healthy.

Let’s Walk This May and get one million paws to hit that pavement!

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Meet our hero

Meet Sollie & Luna

In 2018, RSPCA South Australia Inspector Cheryl found Golden Retrievers Sollie and Luna in poor condition – the two sisters had insufficient food and water, clearly visible ribs and hips, were covered in fleas and smelt of urine. After being surrendered into our care, it was discovered that due to a birth malformation the pair had no control of their bladders and Sollie required extensive surgery to ease her pain.
Thanks to generous community support, Sollie successfully underwent surgery. Luna’s condition did not require surgery, being managed with ongoing medication and regular vet visits. Both Sollie and Luna have since been happily adopted into loving forever homes, with Sollie becoming a little ray of sunshine for her fur-mum.
Please join us for Walk This May to help support other animals like Sollie and Luna.

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