Yorkies of Melbourne

Please support our Million Paws Walk to fight animal cruelty!

Did you know that nearly 20,000 dogs were cared for by the RSPCA in 2022-23? That’s over 52 dogs every day!

Many of these precious pups are victims of cruelty, bred to turn a profit, abused by their owners or abandoned by the humans they loved unconditionally.

Even one dog is too many.

That’s why we’re walking and wagging at Million Paws Walk. We’re on a mission to raise funds in the fight against animal cruelty.

Will you be a hero for dogs in need?

Please suppawt us by making a tax-deductible donation. Every dollar donated will help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. Thank you so much!

Thank you to our Sponsors



Happy to support this, enjoy your time with Poppy.


Naomi Crotty


Fay Bock

Have a great walk guys. You're doing a great job to fight cruelty to animals







Walkie with a Yorkie! Well done Naomi and Poppy.


Keong Lim





Have fun with Poppy






Jade Moore