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Please believe me every $ counts so whatever you can spare will be appreciated. Ian McNamee & Partners will match whatever we raise $ for $ so let us dig deep. I care about animals, and the RSPCA Million Paws Walk is a fun and easy way to raise money to help them. Knowing I'm giving something back to the RSPCA is an awesome feeling, as they provide shelter, care and treatment for the animals who have nowhere else to turn. I'm so happy to be doing my part.

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  • Catherine McGeachy

    Donation by Craig Campbell
    10 Apr 2018

  • Catherine McGeachy

    Donation by Frank Dosen
    10 Apr 2018

  • Catherine McGeachy

    Donation by Beth McGeachy-Blay
    10 Apr 2018

  • Catherine McGeachy

    Donation by Bill Baker
    10 Apr 2018


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$ 52

can provide a kennel, bath, treats and a toy for an abused dog

$ 75

helps to fund transporting animals to our shelters, to increase their chances of adoption

$ 132

can help keep a litter of puppies warm with heat pads, blankets and bedding

$ 250

can keep an RSPCA Inspector on the road saving lives

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