Yvonne Alleblas

I'm fundraising because I truly believe in the good work that the RSPCA does for our communities and beyond.

I am not just a dog lover, but an animal lover, and I strongly believe in the good that the RSPCA does for our communities.

I (Yvonne, Team Creator) have four dogs of my own, two of which are rescues. They are lucky to (now) live a comfortable, luxurious life where food is never a factor, nor is shelter or love. They will never have to go without, ever again.

Unfortunately, a lot of animals do go without, and that's why we are doing this, for them. 

Pictured is my beautiful 13 year old Whippet, Dora, and her 7 year old brother, Bruce. 
An unlikely combination some would say, but all my Whippets love him dearly... and find him equally as annoying... :-)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Simon Britton

For a beautiful soul with a lovely cause, Keep up the good work


Jordan Crouch


Yvonne Alleblas


Jeff Rose


Vera G

Good luck team!!


Tenielle Newbey

Now Whippet, Into Shape!