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Our team loves the Brussels Griffon breed. If you have a Brussels Griffon, consider joining us. If you dont have a Griffon, consider joining us anyway :) Our team are working together to raise money to help the RSPCA. We are a group of people that are passionate about animal welfare and want to help put a stop to animal cruelty

Latest updates

  • Christopher Barnes

    Donation by Christopher Barnes
    15 May 2018

  • Christopher Barnes

    Thanks to everyones efforts we reached the original $500 goal in about a day which is just awesome. So I stretched the goal out to $700 to see if we can raise a bit more money for the cause.
    22 Feb 2018

  • Mark Van der Kool

    Donation by Mark Van der Kool
    21 Feb 2018

  • Cameron Florance

    Donation by Cameron Florance
    21 Feb 2018


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