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My target 16 Hours

I'm walking to fight animal cruelty this May!

This May, my pooch and I will be walking for 30 minutes a day!


To fight animal cruelty!

30,000 dogs end up at an RSPCA shelter every year. That's 82 dogs every single day.

These precious pups were victims of cruelty, bred to turn a profit, or abandoned by humans they loved unconditionally.

But by walking this May we can raise funds to ensure that these dogs have a warm bed, a full tummy and toys to play with until they find their furever homes. 

Will you suppawt my Million Paws Walk? 

My Updates

On sundays we pick up trash

Sunday 9th May
We collect trash on our walks!

Rubbish collection

Friday 7th May
Each morning I pick up any trash I find on the beach or at the park when we are walking. It’s such a rewarding experience :)

After rain walks

Friday 7th May
Rainy walks with the terrible two today

We got our bandana

Friday 7th May
It was raining yesterday, so we came to work with mum and destroyed everything 😂


Wednesday 5th May
They have just started doing this within the last month. Rolling on the grass, normal or weird?


Wednesday 5th May
Bob at the beach this morning

Surfing puppies

Tuesday 4th May
It’s so amazing how they know how to read the waves and surf them in

Bob and Jindy this morning

Monday 3rd May
They didn’t want to leave the beach. They always look so sad after their walk 😢

Bob sulking

Sunday 2nd May
After walking this morning, bob gives us the ‘sad eyes’ and sulks because he wants to walk even more!

Jindy the ball protector

Sunday 2nd May
This morning at the beach. Protecting her ball!

Jindy rolling

Sunday 2nd May
After walk rolls

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Mick Gatto

Good on you Ron pleased to help regards mick gatto


Catherine Cross

Keep walking Ron. 🐶


Allan Kutup



Anne Walton

Happy walking!


Mim Proust


Roni Cross

Can’t wait to see how many steps you smash out this month! 💪 🚶‍♂️ 🐶 🐶 🎾 🏖


Anita Cusick

Worthy cause!





Kath Walton

Well done Ron, Jindy and Bob!


Jenny Cross

Keep it up. 🐶🐶




Greg Fulton


Franz Kalchbauer

A Good cause Ron and the 3 of you will have fun and healthy benefit 👍


Effie Miller