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Meredith an Bandit
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Million Paws Challenge

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1d 42h 25m
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My Reason

Bandit an I are taking the Challenge once more WHY ! for all the unloved and abused dogs in this area. Bandit has received an abundance of love an care in his life so much so, that he has plenty to give away to others. As for me Bandit has showered me with the same amount of love that I have given him, giving me the incentive to help the other unfortunate dogs .So could you,and would you, please give generously for our furry friends.

Latest Updates

  • Meredith an Bandit

    Walked 32200 Paws.
    25 Mar 2017

  • Meredith an Bandit

    Walked 82800 Paws.
    24 Mar 2017

  • Meredith an Bandit

    Walked 34500 Paws.
    23 Mar 2017

  • Meredith an Bandit

    Donation by Christine Hunt
    23 Mar 2017


Help Meredith an Bandit reach the goal

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$ 330

$330 can keep 10 puppies snuggly and warm with heat pads, blankets and bedding.

$ 250

$250 can help provide vaccinations and microchips for animals living in remote areas.

$ 405

$405 can go towards keeping an RSPCA inspector on the road fighting animal cruelty.

$ 56

$56 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned puppies.