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Million Paws Challenge

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Time walked this week
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11h 50m
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My Reason

Marlee and I are doing the challenge because we love the good work that the RSPCA does and want to show our support!

Latest Updates

  • Holly Thomas

    Walked 48300 Paws. Sat morning walk - 30 minutes Sunday afternoon walk to lake for a swim - 40 minutes Monday lunch walk to the lake - 35 minutes
    04 Apr 2017

  • Holly Thomas

    Walked 18400 Paws. Lunch time walk and swim - 3km.
    28 Mar 2017

  • Holly Thomas

    Walked 16100 Paws. Lunch time walk - 2.75km
    27 Mar 2017

  • Holly Thomas

    Walked 20700 Paws. Saturday morning ball chasing and Sunday walk to the park.
    26 Mar 2017

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$ 56

$56 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned puppies.

$ 68

$68 could help pay for the transport of multiple dogs to other shelters to increase their chances of being adopted.

$ 84

$84 can help to keep us out on the road, rescuing homeless dogs.

$ 135

$135 can desex an abandoned puppy so that they can be adopted.