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There is something called the five freedoms and they are food and water, exercise, shelter, vet care and friends. These are things animals need to stay alive and the RSPCA work hard to make sure all pets are treated this way. Last year, people sponsored me and Droofus to do the Million Paws Walk and helped me to raise $770 to support the RSPCA. I asked people to give donations for the RSPCA instead of presents for my birthday because I wanted to get lots of money to help them. I also made doggy biscuits and sold them to raise money. This year, I am going to try and raise $800 or maybe more. I think I will be able to do it because last year I raised $30 less than $800 and this year I will try even harder. Please help me try and get to my goal because I think the RSPCA is really good and I want to make sure they can continue to look after the animals well. Also, if you sponsor me you will be helping the RSPCA and that will make you feel good too!

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    Donation by Kristy Williamson
    13 Apr 2017

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    Donation by Gabriel + Javien Ellis-Jones
    06 Apr 2017

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    Donation by Hilary Newman
    06 Apr 2017

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    Donation by Judith Tumbri
    03 Apr 2017


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$ 56

$56 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned puppies.

$ 68

$68 could help pay for the transport of multiple dogs to other shelters to increase their chances of being adopted.

$ 84

$84 can help to keep us out on the road, rescuing homeless dogs.

$ 135

$135 can desex an abandoned puppy so that they can be adopted.