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Blade and Andy

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We know from first hand experience the great work the RSPCA does as we would never have met Mags. I can still remember the day that Tim took Mags for a walk and we were taking the lead back to the office and I agreed to have Mags join our family. Mags had been with the RSPCA for over four (4) months and they were desperate to try and rehome him. I had never had a dog so I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I couldn’t leave Mags there – after seeing the way Mags would look into your eyes and the bond that he had developed in that short time with Tim was something I knew was special. Unfortunately Mags is no longer with us but we are indebted to the RSPCA for all of the special times and adventures that we had with Mags. With our new 'Boofheads' - Blade and Andy - we will be doing the walk and raising the funds to help the RSPCA find forever homes for the animals in their care.

Latest Updates

  • Amber Garden

    Thank you to all of the donations. We beat our target and also completed the 48 hour challenge with ease. We know that all of th money raised will help al of our four legged friends at the Darwin RSPCA in being looked after before finding their forever homes.
    20 May 2017

  • Amber Garden

    Walked 55200 Paws. Andy and Blade will earn a lot of paws today having completed a log walk this morning and then going to Million Paws Walk. Looking forward to catchuping up with our four legged friends and having a great time.
    20 May 2017

  • Amber Garden

    Walked 34500 Paws. A walk to burn off the energy and a dip in the pool is exactly what has needed yesterday afternoon with a bit of a humid afternoon.
    20 May 2017

  • Amber Garden

    Walked 55200 Paws. As usual, Andy wanted to do the Palmerston to Howard Springs loop to start off the weekend and also earn more paws for the Million Paws Walk :)
    19 May 2017

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$ 56

$56 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned puppies.

$ 68

$68 could help pay for the transport of multiple dogs to other shelters to increase their chances of being adopted.

$ 84

$84 can help to keep us out on the road, rescuing homeless dogs.

$ 330

$330 can keep 10 puppies snuggly and warm with heat pads, blankets and bedding.