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Billie has recently joined my home as a rescue dog. She and I wish to help others in need to find their furever home too, so they can also bask in the love and security that Billie now enjoys ..... and for which she repays me every day through her loving licks, happy tail wags and gorgeous smile! And Billie and I both wish to continue the MPW family tradition that George and Astro started many years ago ..... their spirits live on!

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$ 56

$56 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned puppies.

$ 135

$135 can desex an abandoned puppy so that they can be adopted.

$ 68

$68 could help pay for the transport of multiple dogs to other shelters to increase their chances of being adopted.

$ 84

$84 can help to keep us out on the road, rescuing homeless dogs.