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If you know us then you don't need to ask why we are taking the challenge, just check out our clothes there is a common theme of white fur on everything – this is not a fashion craze yet to take off, but rather the consequences of life with a dog who rules the house. Ours is a family that rescues, most recently the elder statesman Chester, rescued late in life - we hope the last few years made up for the first few, gone over the rainbow bridge but never forgotten, and Merle, who was found dumped in national park, worse for wear, now ruling the roost at her house and Eddie the great Houdini of Oyster Bay - there is no cage that can hold this guy in, and then lastly and most magnificently, there is Reggie (he of the white fur). All things good in life come with four paws and a wagging tail and we have the joy of being the personal Butler to Sir Reggie of Box Road – or ‘Sir Snow Leopard’ to his friends. Touted as the most indulged dog in the street by all that live with him and know him, it doesn’t make sense to us that some dogs never have love and total adoration. We accept we cannot adopt every precious face, and as hard as we try to get some of you to adopt on our behalf, the sadness is that there are too many, so here we are walking and fundraising for this great cause. Here comes the pitch - if you have a lazy five or ten dollars to help us fundraise then all blessing to you. If you cannot donate all we ask is that you pat dogs with rare abandon and smile at birds, it will lift your day, try it now. Much Love and many thanks and wiggly tails (licking is frowned on in our house) Reggie, Kayl & Maxine.

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  • Maxine Henderson & Kayl Miller

    Donation by Rosemary Craven
    21 May 2017

  • Maxine Henderson & Kayl Miller

    Donation by Sally Watton
    19 May 2017

  • Maxine Henderson & Kayl Miller

    Donation by Adam Lewis
    18 May 2017

  • Maxine Henderson & Kayl Miller

    Donation by Wayne Phillips
    09 May 2017


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$ 56

$56 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned puppies.

$ 68

$68 could help pay for the transport of multiple dogs to other shelters to increase their chances of being adopted.

$ 84

$84 can help to keep us out on the road, rescuing homeless dogs.

$ 135

$135 can desex an abandoned puppy so that they can be adopted.