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Bayley gets walked every day without fail but my husband often does more than 50% of the walks so I'm hoping to change this. I really enjoy walking and socializing my dog and aim to do it more and somethimes make it part of family time as well.

Latest Updates

  • Natasha Gilmour

    Donation by Chantel Borke
    20 May 2017

  • Natasha Gilmour

    Walked 73600 Paws. 160min total over the past 4 days. Lucky Bayley had a walk in the rain yesterday morning, no one else out and about.
    19 May 2017

  • Natasha Gilmour

    Walked 55200 Paws. Sunday run around at the dog park, Monday a 45min walk watching a beautiful sunrise over the water, Tuesday an even longer walk with mum 55mins and a bonus 15 to get fish and chips tonight.
    16 May 2017

  • Natasha Gilmour

    Walked 57500 Paws. Our walk time for the last 3 days is up. Enjoyed a quick walk around the markets today sniffing noses. Hoping to go to the dog park in the morning and then off for a hydrobath.
    13 May 2017

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