Christine Guilfoyle

Chrysla and Mellow’s Walk a Day Dogalogue

This May Mum will be taking Mellow and I for at least an hour’s walk every day so we can raise money to support the RSPCA’s amazing work helping other puppies who aren’t as fortunate as us.

30,000 dogs end up at an RSPCA shelter every year. That's 82 dogs every single day.

These precious pups are victims of cruelty, bred to turn a profit, or abandoned by humans they loved unconditionally.

But by walking this May we can raise funds to ensure that these dogs have a warm bed, a full tummy and toys to play with until they find their furever homes. 

Like last year, we are sure to have lots of fun and meet lots of people and puppies and we will be writing all about our adventures in our daily dogalogue so you can join the fun virtually. 

Will you please suppawt our Million Paws Walk? 

Love Chrysla 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Christine Guilfoyle