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Albert and I are raising money for the RSPCA to support neglected, abused and abandoned animals and give them a second chance at a new life by doing the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. Please help us help reach our goal of $1000 by donating today!

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  • Carolyn Rae

    Donation by Aggie Wong
    16 Mar 2018

  • Carolyn Rae

    Donation by Michael Bruce-Allen
    16 Mar 2018

  • Carolyn Rae

    Donation by Tracey Fay
    15 Mar 2018

  • Carolyn Rae

    Donation by Julia Norcott
    13 Mar 2018


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$ 52

can provide a kennel, bath, treats and a toy for an abused dog

$ 75

helps to fund transporting animals to our shelters, to increase their chances of adoption

$ 132

can help keep a litter of puppies warm with heat pads, blankets and bedding

$ 250

can keep an RSPCA Inspector on the road saving lives

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