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Together in WA we have raised $1,447 to fight animal cruelty

Join us for Million Paws Walk in 2019!

Buy tickets today for a walk near you and help us rehabilitate, rescue and rehome animals in need. Your hard-earned fundraising will keep our inspectors on the road fighting animal cruelty and our doors open 365 days a year!

So, put on your walking shoes and come down for a day of fun activities, competitions, food, furry friends and of course, a great walk!

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  • Geraldton
    Walk Location

    Marina Park, Geraldton

    Event Time

    09:00 – 13:00

    Walk Start


  • Perth
    Walk Location

    Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth

    Event Time

    08:30 – 14:00

    Walk Start


  • Rockingham
    Walk Location

    Naval Memorial Park, Rockingham

    Event Time

    08:00 – 13:00

    Walk Start


Meet our hero

Meet Franky

For months, Franky had been tormented by the constant itching of his skin. He was in desperate need of urgent medical care and relief. As well as a skin infection that reached from his head to his tail, both of Franky’s ears were infected and his eyelids were so inflamed that he could barely open his eyes to look at Inspector Flo when she rescued him. After discussing his condition, Franky’s owner agreed to surrender him so he could get the urgent and proper care he needed. This included relief from the pain of red, raw patches across his body, where he’d been scratching. His fur was gone in places with swollen skin and flaking scabs left behind. And he was constantly squinting and blinking from the pain in his eyes. Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters, Franky underwent months of intensive care and made a full recovery. He received treatment for mites, worms and fleas; antibiotics and regular medicated baths for his terrible skin condition; and two eye surgeries to correct his rolled-in eyelids. He’s now been adopted by a loving family and is enjoying life pain-free. But his second chance at a happy life was only possible because of caring and compassionate people like you - who care about these animals when they have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for your support.

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