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Million Paws Walk; Walk this May will be the RSPCA's biggest dog-friendly virtual fundraising campaign this year! Money raised through Million Paws Walk; Walk this May will fund our life-saving work to care for animals, while bringing cruelty offenders to justice. RSPCA Qld is the only animal charity able to prosecute animal cruelty and neglect across Queensland and just like you, we want to be there for all animals great and small!

As RSPCA Qld receives limited government funding and over 96% of our funding comes from our community, people just like you, we're encouraging you to get on board and walk your dog everyday in May for 30 minutes to help us raise vital funds to fight animal cruelty!

To show your dedication to animals join the 2020 Million Paws Walk; Walk this May and fundraise to help over 52,000 animals that we care for every year!

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Meet our hero

Meet Happy

Severely emaciated and weak, Happy was at death’s door when her rescuers found her. They were responding to a complaint that Happy had been abandoned and appeared ‘lifeless’ where she had collapsed amongst the long grass in her owner’s backyard.
Happy did not have access to any food or water and her hip and rib bones were visible and protruding. Her rescuers attempted to give her some dog food and water. In a desperate struggle to eat or drink Happy tried standing up, but was so weak she fell onto her face.
She was carried out of the backyard and to the RSPCA Ambulance.
The next day Happy was taken to RSPCA Wacol and given a body score of 1, meaning she was severely emaciated, her bones were clearly visible and she had lost nearly all of her muscle on her pelvis and back legs.
Sadly, vets confirmed it was likely these issues had been present for at least one month and were caused by total neglect.
Happy’s owner was taken to court and was issued with penalties including being prohibited from owning any other animals for 10 years.
The best news is that Happy is now just as her name describes. She is healthy, happy, and cheeky. She also loves her food! Happy has found a loving forever home where she can play with toys, run around her backyard and be spoiled with lots of yummy food.

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