This year more than 3,000 dogs will be at the Lake Burley Griffin precinct to help animals in need by raising funds for the RSPCA. The Million Paws Walk event is a wonderful day for all creatures (whether they have two legs or four). All attendees will be able to enjoy live entertainment, stalls, delicious food, giveaways, activities with their pooch and a whole lot more!

Everyone is welcome, including your four-legged friend - regardless of their breed, size or age. Don’t forget to make sure your pooch is up to date with vaccinations, sociable and friendly with all creatures (both human and furry).

Funds raised from this year’s event will go towards the important work of our teams as they strive to make a difference. Last year, we saw over 974 abused and neglected animals come through our doors, all needing urgent attention from our Animal Care Services Team. As you can imagine, this is a very costly operation, and it’s only with your help that we can continue our vital work caring for animals in their times of need.

Register now and let’s walk together to fight animal cruelty at Australia's biggest dog walk!

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  • $776,709
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    Australian Capital Territory

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Meet Our Heroes

  • Faith the Staffy x

    Hi, my name is Faith. Not too long ago, I came into the RSPCA as a 13-week-old puppy. I had been found on the side of a highway suffering in pain. It looked like I had been hit by a car and I couldn’t walk properly. Luckily, two nice men saw me and brought me to the RSPCA. Although I was scared, I was so happy to see friendly faces all around me. The staff really cared about me, and once they saw my condition, I was taken straight to the veterinary clinic. My back right leg had been broken, and I needed urgent medical attention. The veterinary team went to work straight away to help me! I had to undergo an expensive surgical procedure which took hours to complete. Several pins were placed on my leg to help me walk again. I could feel that they really cared for me and, for the first time in my life, I knew I’d be okay. After the surgery, my leg was placed in a cast. I had a long road of recovery ahead of me and had to attend several weeks of physio just to be able to move again. It was really hard, but the RSPCA was dedicated to helping me get better! Slowly but surely I started to improve. At first, I could only walk really slowly and with help. The vets would move my leg for me until I became strong enough to move it myself. As I was recovering, the staff fell in love with me, and I fell in love with them. The vet taking care of me introduced me to a close friend of hers, and she fell in love with me too! Now I’m living happily ever after in my fur-ever home! I have been through a lot during my short life. If it wasn’t for people like you, who choose to fundraise for Million Paws Walk, my story could have had a very different ending. This year I will be participating in the Million Paws Walk too! While I was at the RSPCA, I met so many unwanted, abused and neglected animals who needed urgent care just like me. I can’t wait to walk and raise funds just like you so they can have their happy ending too. Will you walk to fight animal cruelty?

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